No Mountain Immovable - How to Activate Your Faith

No Mountain Immovable – Out Now!

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Today is the day! No Mountain Immovable: How to Activate Your Faith is available for purchase! You can buy it now on Amazon, in paperback or for Kindle.

It’s available in most Amazon stores across the world, so if you’re not in the UK simply search for No Mountain Immovable in your own Amazon store and you should be able to purchase it there. But do let us know if you have any issues at all.

If you’re able to leave a review once you’ve had a look through that would be incredibly helpful too, as it really helps other people to find it (Amazon gives a higher priority in search results to books with reviews), and to know if it’s worth buying. Thank you!

We are praying this book will be a huge encouragement to everyone who reads it.


I love the fact that Becky chose to write about real life stories of common people in the Bible whom the Lord used.

She brings out these stories so well in a conversational way that helps the readers to enjoy interacting with her. For those of us who know her, it is as though she is physically sharing with us. I have enjoyed the testimonies and personal experiences because they help the readers to connect the Bible to their day-to-day life.

The discussion questions are also very helpful and get the reader to apply the message to themselves.

I pray that whoever reads this book will take the lesson seriously to help them live the life.

Thank you so much, Becky, for this gift to the body of Christ.

Becky’s new book, No Mountain Immovable, is an enjoyable and engaging read. It takes us on a journey of understanding how to live a more effective life of faith in Jesus. Its central theme, that it is not so much about increasing your amount of faith, but rather activating the faith that you already have, builds with each chapter.

Becky unpacks Hebrews 11 in a digestible and engaging way. She draws deeply from a wealth of Scriptures, as well as relating her own life experiences, particularly as a missionary in Uganda and Liberia. This book is the product of a deep understanding of Scripture, but also of having lived out the principles it teaches.

I found the extensive study material at the end of each chapter especially helpful in getting the most out of this book. The study material is not simply a recap of what has just been read, but provides further and deeper insight. I would especially recommend this book for small groups to work through.

More than just another book on faith, an inspirational journey, an outstanding read with excellent study guides.


No Mountain Immovable: How to Activate Your Faith

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