The Heartbreak of Homecoming

In less than a week we return to the red soils and warm winds of Uganda after this, our first return to the UK. We say farewell to chilly Spring mornings and beautiful blossom and the ceaseless shout of the ocean. It will be two years before we experience those bountiful blessings again.

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Hello, 2018

A new year is about to begin, and with it comes the usual contemplation of what the next twelve months may hold. For Dave, the path ahead is clearer. He will put his incredible engineering skills to work on the fleet of MAF planes here in Uganda. There will, of course, be much for him to learn about MAF’s operations, not to mention this country which is simultaneously beautiful and alien, welcoming and perplexing. But his role is clear.

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Sunshine After Rain – A Shipping Tale

Tuesday dawned and we greeted it in a haze of drowsiness. The last few days were packed full of organising, filling boxes, and generally working out what we wanted to come with us to Uganda. The next day two strong men would turn up with a truck to load all our wordly goods, to later put them on a shipping container to send by sea to Mombasa, and then on to Kampala by train and road.

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Transitional Time

“There is no place like home.” Seems a bit funny to be quoting the Wizard of Oz having just flown back to the UK from Kansas! Having been back in the UK for a couple of days now, I can definitely say there is truth in that statement. It was amazing getting back to the UK and seeing Becky, driving on the correct side of the road and being able to walk to your destination all the way on a pavement! If you have never been to the US, I can tell you that you need a car. It’s nearly

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“You guys are fierce!!” I have to admit, it’s the first time I have been called fierce and I wasn’t fully sure what to do with that information… I am still not sometimes when I think about it!

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The First Farewell

We’re told the missionary life is one that will be full of farewells. Mission staff are constantly moving around, changing programmes and leaving countries, friends and families behind. We will get used to saying goodbye. Knowing it doesn’t make it any easier to say adieu.

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