Transitional Time

“There is no place like home.” Seems a bit funny to be quoting the Wizard of Oz having just flown back to the UK from Kansas! Having been back in the UK for a couple of days now, I can definitely say there is truth in that statement. It was amazing getting back to the UK and seeing Becky, driving on the correct side of the road and being able to walk to your destination all the way on a pavement! If you have never been to the US, I can tell you that you need a car. It’s nearly

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“You guys are fierce!!” I have to admit, it’s the first time I have been called fierce and I wasn’t fully sure what to do with that information… I am still not sometimes when I think about it!

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Summer 2017 Newsletter

Want to find out a bit more about our look-see visit to Uganda? Good news! You can read our very first official newsletter to hear all about it! Click here to open it now, and please do pass it on to anyone you think might be interested.

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One Month Closer

Yesterday I got an amazing email! After a week of intensive technical training concluding with a big exam, I found out that I had passed. This is great news as it is one step closer to getting my full B1 aircraft license. It’s the start of a two-year process that will allow me to not only sign out all the Ugandan based MAF aircraft from an avionics point of view, but also to sign out the airframe and engine side as well. This is a great advantage not only for me, but for MAF as well.

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Don’t Go… Come

This week we have been spending some time at the All Nations Christian College in Ware (where’s that I hear you say?) just north of London, attending a cross cultural training course. It is a really good college set in some beautiful grounds. I am sat writing this to you in a large Victorian house set in some stunning scenery; for the first time in a while it is raining and I wish I had a jumper! But I have a comfy chair and the turret window I am sitting in allows me to look all around at the trees

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