We are Dave and Becky Waterman

We’d love to take this opportunity to introduce you to us. We were both born in England and lived there for the first 30 years of our lives, aside from the occasional holiday and short-term mission trip abroad. In 2016, God started to stir our hearts with the long dormant dream of mission once again, and so we applied to Mission Aviation Fellowship to bring our skills to this amazing organisation. We were accepted in May of 2017, and moved to Uganda on the 1st of December, 2017, to begin our first placement with MAF. In 2021, we moved again, to Liberia.

There is no way we could do this great adventure without our amazing supporters; people praying with us, encouraging us and giving financially so that we can be here. You are as much a part of this as we are, so please do stay tuned to this website to keep up to date and discover more about our lives here in Africa

Introducing Dave

I first heard about MAF as a thirteen year old, when I read in a magazine that they needed aircraft engineers. I decided that was what I wanted to do at that very moment, and the decision has steered my life ever since. At sixteen I attended a technical college to become a licensed aircraft engineer, and then conducted the required on the job training in the UK, becoming an avionics specialist in the process.

I started out as an Avionics Engineer within MAF, and later became the Regional Avionics Manager for Africa. These days I continue to hold that role, while also assisting with maintenace on the West African fleet of planes, and managing the Maintenance Control for West Africa.

Introducing Becky

After finishing school, I studied Computer Science at the University of Bristol, and worked in national security as a business consultant for my first two years of working life. I decided to start my own business after this, designing websites and offering freelance writing services. This gave me the time to study theology, get more involved in local churches preaching and Bible teaching, and also to work on my first novel, A Year in the Life of Jack Meadows.

Living in Liberia, I lead a ladies Bible study group each week, record weekly encouragements from the Bible on YouTube, and have published my first Bible study book, No Mountain Immovable: How to Activate Your Faith. Along with managing life in a very different culture, and keeping on top of the normal household tasks!