There’s no denying that leaving behind the familiar UK to move to Uganda, and then on again to Liberia, has been a great adventure. We have experienced new cultures, new climates, new cuisines and so much more! There have been highs and lows we couldn’t have imagined before setting out on this journey.

That adventure, with all its excitement and wonder, pales in comparison to the adventure of faith.

It is extraordinary, that we have the privilege of not only knowing about God, but of knowing him personally. It is overwhelming, that we get to be called children of the living God, to know his love for us which neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation can separate us from.

This is the greatest adventure of our lives.

Our hope is that through this website, we can not only bring you along on our adventure within Mission Aviation Fellowship, but also encourage you in your own adventure of faith.

Below you will find links to Becky’s Bible Thoughts, weekly encouragements from the Bible available on YouTube every Wednesday, and also Becky’s first Bible study book, No Mountain Immovable: How to Activate Your Faith.

You can also check out the Resources page of our website for some free downloads to help you delve into God’s word, either on your own or with a small group.

No Mountain Immovable

You are in good company if you’ve ever desired more faith. ‘Increase our faith!’ the disciples cried to Jesus. His response was remarkable: faith as small as a mustard seed can uproot a tree. Faith as small as a mustard seed can move a mountain, no matter how immovable it seems. It may sound incredible, but you have all the faith you need for whatever life throws at you today.

No Mountain Immovable introduces us to the Heroes of Faith listed in the book of Hebrews. Why were these characters commended, recorded as examples for us, thousands of years after they lived and died? There is wisdom to glean from their lives; examples we can apply to keep our own small seeds of faith activated here and now.

With questions at the close of each chapter to work through as an individual or in a group, this book will help you delve more deeply into the exciting depths of faith.

No Mountain Immovable Book

Becky’s Bible Thoughts

Becky’s Bible Thoughts are released every Wednesday, bringing a weekly encouragement from the Bible. You can watch the latest video below, or visit our YouTube page to see hundreds of archived videos to inspire, encourage and challenge you today.