July 2018

Practising Patience in Uganda


The morning started well. A gentle breeze wafted the curtains in our bedroom and we enjoyed waking up a little bit later than normal. The reason? We had to take a trip to Face Recognition,

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June 2018

May 2018

A Day in the Life of Becky


In honour of Dave’s video for this month, A Day in the Life of Dave (watch here!), I thought I’d use my preferred skillset to tell you a bit more about my daily routine here

A Day in the Life of Becky2018-05-29T18:43:31+01:00

April 2018

Not According to Plan


I think it’s fair to say this week hasn’t gone according to plan. We’re in the rainy season here in Uganda, and while it reduces the temperature beautifully and leaves us with luscious green grass

Not According to Plan2018-04-25T12:20:27+01:00

March 2018

The Car Wash


Uganda is a beautiful country; rich and verdant, with delicious fresh fruit and vegetables, and loads of different plants supporting an incredible diversity of birds, insects and more. There are a couple of factors instrumental

The Car Wash2018-03-29T13:45:28+01:00



Emails were flying back between us and our shipping company daily, and still there was no sight of the container of goods we shipped from the UK back in November last year. Dave spent an



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