August 2017

Because You Say So…


This road we’re walking on is exciting, but it’s far from easy at times. Today’s to do list included everything from popping into Southampton for a few essentials from Go Outdoors, to packing our suitcases,

Because You Say So…2017-08-11T21:46:22+01:00



It was a Thursday morning. I woke to the unfamiliar sights, sounds and smells of another hotel room in another part of the country; Peterborough to be precise. A few weeks ago, my wonderful sister-in-law


July 2017

One Month Closer


Yesterday I got an amazing email! After a week of intensive technical training concluding with a big exam, I found out that I had passed. This is great news as it is one step closer

One Month Closer2017-07-27T12:56:21+01:00

Don’t Go… Come


This week we have been spending some time at the All Nations Christian College in Ware (where’s that I hear you say?) just north of London, attending a cross cultural training course. It is a

Don’t Go… Come2017-07-15T11:54:05+01:00

Our MAF Induction


How do you deal with conflict in a team? How do you get access to money in Africa? What do you do if someone throws a live grenade in your general vicinity?

Our MAF Induction2017-07-08T13:31:24+01:00
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