September 2017



“You guys are fierce!!” I have to admit, it’s the first time I have been called fierce and I wasn’t fully sure what to do with that information… I am still not sometimes when I


Ship, Sell, Suitcase, Scrap or Store


Sunday is fast approaching, and with it an opportunity to throw open the doors to our house, lay out our possessions and offer them for sale to the viewing public. We’ve advertised, sorted, dusted and

Ship, Sell, Suitcase, Scrap or Store2017-09-13T16:12:59+01:00

August 2017

The First Farewell


We’re told the missionary life is one that will be full of farewells. Mission staff are constantly moving around, changing programmes and leaving countries, friends and families behind. We will get used to saying goodbye.

The First Farewell2017-08-29T14:59:23+01:00

Summer 2017 Newsletter


Want to find out a bit more about our look-see visit to Uganda? Good news! You can read our very first official newsletter to hear all about it! Click here to open it now, and

Summer 2017 Newsletter2017-08-26T09:08:19+01:00

Because You Say So…


This road we’re walking on is exciting, but it’s far from easy at times. Today’s to do list included everything from popping into Southampton for a few essentials from Go Outdoors, to packing our suitcases,

Because You Say So…2017-08-11T21:46:22+01:00



It was a Thursday morning. I woke to the unfamiliar sights, sounds and smells of another hotel room in another part of the country; Peterborough to be precise. A few weeks ago, my wonderful sister-in-law



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