MAF at Kajjansi Airfield, Uganda

Two Weeks in Africa

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Well here we are, two weeks into this great adventure to Uganda. I’d like to say things were becoming more normal, but I think it’s likely to be a while before we can say that with any sincerity! It’s still strange to hear unusual bird calls, and to see boda boda motorbike taxis transporting anything from giant pieces of furniture, to pieces of sugar cane that span the entire width of their lane. It’s peculiar that it will be Christmas day in one week’s time, and yet the sun is beating down and the weather is warm. Gradually Uganda will become our home, and these things that seem strange will become normal, but for now every day has something new to discover.

Sugar Cane on a Boda Boda in Uganda

The strange things you see on the back of a boda

Having said all of that, we have settled remarkably well in our first two weeks. We’ve organised most of the essentials, though we eagerly await the arrival of our shipment at some point toward the end of January or early February. Dave has started work at the MAF hangar, and is busy organising the avionics workshop space to be a useable area for himself, and any future avionics projects. He’s also been able to help with a few avionics related faults, even with less than a week on the job under his belt. After the Christmas break, work will settle into a bit more of a routine for him, though given the nature of aircraft and any faults they may develop, it will be hard to outline a typical day.

Avionics Workshop - Kajjansi Airfield

Dave’s avionics workshop at MAF’s base at Kajjansi Airfield, Uganda

As for me? The last week has been a little less pleasant, as I managed to pick up a bug that left me bedridden for a couple of days with a nasty fever. I’m taking medicine to help me fight the last bit of it off now, but I feel my strength returning which is definitely a good thing!

Despite the illness, we’ve been doing well at starting to find our away around this lively and vibrant city, and have discovered that driving isn’t too bad (though the traffic definitely is!). It will take me a long time to learn all the side streets and shortcuts to favoured destinations, but thankfully Google Maps has reasonable coverage here!

We have been to a couple of different churches already, and a week ago were able to take part in the colour-themed Love Feast at Lugogo Baptist Church – a service, followed by a bring and share type lunch and a whole lot of dancing! It was a massive spectacle and a really fun day, though with a combination of the heat and the newness of it all, we were ready to leave halfway through the afternoon. Others there would stay until the evening, singing, dancing and eating together.

Lugogo Baptist Church Love Feast

Becky getting her groove on at the Lugogo Baptist Church Love Feast

The MAF hangar will close between Christmas and the New Year, and with the way weekends and bank holidays fall, that gives us a ten-day break. We have found a little hotel to stay in at the ‘source of the Nile,’ a town called Jinja. It will be nice to break free from the city for a couple of days, and to see a bit more of this very beautiful country.

Thank you for continuing to join with us in this adventure. Please do stay in touch, and feel free to ask if you have any questions at all about life in Uganda!


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