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“You guys are fierce!!”

I have to admit, it’s the first time I have been called fierce and I wasn’t fully sure what to do with that information… I am still not sometimes when I think about it!

Cast your mind back to July when we attended All Nations Christian College for a week’s intensive Cross-Cultural and Mission Bible training course. That week we had a great time with people who worked for mission organisations and others who have now headed out on mission. The statement came from one of our fellow students, while we were talking about our experience swimming in a Piranha-filled lake in the Amazon Rainforest.

I have to admit I went and looked at the dictionary definition of “fierce” that evening when I got back to our room, and it has stuck with me:

Fierce: Having or displaying a violent or ferocious aggressiveness. Strong and powerful.

I still couldn’t really work this out. What about the above statement fitted with me swimming in a lake or moving to Africa.

God has a great way of explaining things; enter the song Fierce by Jesus Culture and specifically the chorus:

“Like a tidal wave crashing over me rushing in to meet me here
 Your love is fierce!
 Like a hurricane that I can’t escape tearing through the atmosphere
 Your love is fierce!”

God’s love for us is ferociously aggressive, it is strong and powerful. That I could understand, but how does that make me fierce? And how does that apply to swimming in a lake?

In trying to work this out, I turned to the Urban Dictionary. This can be very dangerous as it can lead to some strange responses to questions!

Fierce: Being bold (or very brave and audacious), displaying chutzpah.”

So finally, I think I see where this is coming from! It’s a little mad to go swimming in a lake of Piranhas, but that didn’t stop us doing it! Let’s combine everything.

Fierce, being brave, audacious, strong, powerful and ferociously aggressive in love.

In that one word there is a huge statement. We are called to be brave, bold, daring, strong, powerful and show the love of God without compromise. That is what it means to be Fierce, to take the word of God and bring it to the people of the world who do not know him yet, and see them transformed physically and spiritually.


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